In my About page, I mention that my current interests include dreaming about vacations in exotic places. This is one such dream. A dream vacation to my paradise – Bora Bora. I have no doubt that it will come true one of these days …

By now, I have a whole list of exotic places that I feel I must visit during my lifetime. But Bora Bora … Ah – Bora Bora! It was the very first entry on that list and it still remains at #1.

I think I first heard the name Bora Bora in some Cheers episode. The name sounded funny and it was used in the context of a standard sitcom joke. I remember thinking it must be an unimpressive place because the way they were talking about it in that joke. But later I realized, that I must not have gotten the import of the joke correctly, since as I soon saw some pictures of Bora Bora, it was like Whoa! I must go there!

I have it all planned out – this trip to my paradise. I know exactly how it will be.

(Warning: Lots of pretty pictures ahead – not sure how much time it would take to load on slower connections)

First glimpses
I embark with my family and the usual gang on the long trip to “the mother of all vacations”. After a long flight from LA, the pilot announces that we are approaching Bora Bora. I wake up, and I look out from the window. And I see this:

First Glimpse

A few moments later, the plane starts its descent, and I see this:

First Glimpse - a few moments later

and then this:

First Glimpse - a few moments later

The plane flies over our resort showing a string of over-the-water villas stretched beautifully across the water. Villas from aboveIt looks just like in the pictures I posted on my blog sometime ago. Immediately various members of the gang start calling first dibs for those over-the-water villas, way out into the ocean. For some, getting to Bora Bora was not enough. Must stay at one those villas that was half-a-mile into the ocean, with an unobstructed panaromic view of azure blue water with turquoise hues.

As the plane flies lower over the resort, I say Looks like there are enough of them for all of us. That was good, as a Duel to the Death in French Polynesia over one of those villas was not what we had in mind.

At the airport
As we land, go through customs, immigration, I am already in a daze, walking in a wonderland. The weather is sunny, warm and fabulous – and it is January. I think how it would be now back home in Chicago and gleefully say to myself Yeah Baby! I am reminded of that highly contrived poem I sang to a member of the gang who missed an earlier trip to a sunny destination:

It’s the cold touch of reality
Which sure deserves a lot of pity
While some take bright evening walks
You get to see the sun set at freaking 4’O clock!

So you break away once in a while,
Off to paradise with a wide smile,
Even if its only for a few days, my lass
It sure beats staying here and freezing your ass!

I laugh thinking that this time we did save our asses by escaping the snow, the cold, and the wind.

At the resort
We arrive at our resort. As we are checking in, I look out and I see this:

Villas from far

We ask for the out in the corner over-the-water villas and of course we get what we asked for. We are led to the villas on boats. In a few minutes, we are there:

At the villas

I check into our villa with my family. We see that one of the rooms had a glass floor to the lagoon. We take a closer look:


The hotel staff tells us: You can snorkel anywhere! No need to go to any special place! Just get into the lagoon – here, there, anywhere! I think Suwe….eeet!

Day 2 – One Sunrise, many Cocktails, and one Sunset
The next day, for some reason we wake up very early – even before the sun rose. I guess we want to enjoy every moment we stay at this paradise. As we are walking along the empty resort beach, we see the sun starting to rise:


We have a tasty, sumptuous breakfast. The men in the gang make a very insightful decision: Let us just lounge around in the beach, and drink Mai Tai, and other tropical fare all day!

We do exactly that – the tropical fare include the following:


Soon, we see the sun set like this:


Day 3
The men of the gang say: Yesterday’s decision was excellent. Why mess with something that works? But, as Mick Jagger once said You can’t always get what you want. We are overruled, and we decide to go inland and take a closer look at Mount Otemanu. We take a boat ride that runs parallel along the entire resort. We think Hmm.. next time we should stay at these villas


We then head out into the another part of the island towards Mount Otemanu. As we approach it, I notice that the mountain is Obscured by Clouds:


But it didn’t matter as even with the clouds, we see views like this:


Many days later
A few more days like day #2 follow. Then a few months. One day I get an email that catches my eye. My blog address has finally been changed to reflect our new home: