Fall in ChicagoFall in Chicago

In places that do have a perceptible change of seasons, one of the seasonal treats is the change of colors in the leaves of the trees at the start of Autumn/Fall. It is like the last hurray, last party of the trees before Winter. Of course, when winter is over, they welcome spring with a nice party (spring flowers) too.

It is times like these that make me realize that there is always so much beauty in the nature all around us, and many of us are just too much wrapped in our own shell to notice it. However, in times like in fall, the beauty around us is so enveloping that it is hard not to notice. Every year, during the fall colors, I tell myself that I should take a few snaps. But I always forget to do it – too wrapped in my own shell of course! This year however, with blogging as a nice catalyst, I took the time and I finally did it! You can see the pictures on flickr here.

If you think these pictures are nice, consider this: I don’t really know much about photography. These were taken using a simple point-and-click camera, and it was just around my neighborhood (and office). I did go to a couple of forest preserves, but they are b “run of the mill” ones – nothing super special. Doesn’t that say enough about nature?