April 2008

A few days ago, I caught the first IPL game (Bangalore vs. Kolkata) – yes, the one in which Brendon McCullum went ballistic. I caught this on some website which was streaming the video – probably not legal, but that is not the point.

I think it was during the break after Kolkata had batted and they were showing replays of all the shots McCullum made.  I enjoyed it a lot – but then I noticed something strange. I now am not sure if I imagined it, but I seem to suddenly realize that I was hearing Sunil Gavasakar doing the commentary. I immediately thought what the hell is he doing there? Sunil Gavasakar doing commentary on Twenty20 cricket analyzing Brendon McCullum’s shots? Are you kidding me? Him doing that would be like me critiquing a Swahili movie! I mean, it is entirely possible for this man to open an Twenty20 inning, and do 120 “well lefts”, and still be satisfied.

So what indeed was he doing there? I think he should be asking that question himself (and hopefully come with the right answer! )

I guess some visitors to this blog, assuming they still exist(!), should be asking that question!

Have been busy getting distracted in other things. I have this other website http://arunk.freepgs.com, where I host some web applications I have written for the Carnatic Music community. I redressed that site, made it powered by WordPress but developing, enhancing and maintaining those applications take a lot of time.

I want to also get back to blogging about my favorite ragas. It is fun when it is done, but takes time too. But I would like to do it …

But I do find it a bit surprising that my “innocuous” post on a visit to two baseball parks is the top post with a healthy daily dose of hits.

Hopefully, I will return soon with something more substantial.