Life can be unpredictable. Most of us go through our lives in a somewhat orderly fashion consisting of our daily routines, and we also feel frustrated at the monotony. However, there are times when the routine is indeed broken. Of course, most of us may recollect only those times when the event is huge in  magnitude (positive or negative) or that the turn is to the worse.

But there is a charm when something positive comes our way, is small/trivial, but it comes when you least expect it.  In the big scheme of things, it does not amount to much, but yet it is still refreshing, invigorating. It is a tonic for life perhaps. One such little thing happened to me yesterday.

I was lazing around  at home doing nothing,  generally feeling groggy from an over-extended afternoon nap.  But certain things needed to be taken care off, and this meant I had to head out to the nearby temple. While it did take a bit of internal coaxing (since I didn’t absolutely had to do that),  it did feel to get out rather than being drowned in dullness.

(Side Note: I am certainly not a religious, pious type – so do not draw too many conclusions regarding those “duties” 😉 )

At the temple, as I was heading up the steps to the sanctum for the obligatory face-showing to the big guy, I heard the sweet strains of the sweet raga madhyamavati, delivered in a sonorous voice. Now, I knew that the temple had free concerts once a month (mostly but necessarily amateurs), although until that moment, it did not even occur to me that yesterday was one such day. Also, this sounded real good, like from  professional musicians – say from Chennai. I remember thinking “Hmm… I don’t remember seeing any ads for a professional musician concert in the neighborhood today”.  Once I went to sanctum, I could recognize the musician. He (who apparently shares my name) is  one of the sishyas of Smt. Seetha Rajan and had provided vocal support for her in a concert few weeks back. I think he is currently studying/living in the US. And he was slowly unravelling the beauty of madhyamavati in an alapana – a joy to me always.  Now, since this was a Rama temple, I knew the song that follows was most probably rAma kata sudha, a beautiful song. And for the next 20-25 minutes,  I was immersed in the beauty of one of my favorite ragas. And this was like a 1000 times more refreshing than any power nap in the afternoon. The grogginess was washed away completely. This was delightful treat – a special moment for me. Perhaps something I will remember a long time.

On the way back home, I remember thinking  as follows: If I had gone there expecting a concert, and I had heard the same madhyamavati, would I have enjoyed it as much? I certainly would have enjoyed it, but I think there is a special delight in getting a treat, one’s favorite treat when one least expects it.  I was at the temple supposedly for a few minutes with a completely different agenda.  Carnatic music,  that too quality Carnatic music, that too in a raga that I love, followed by a song I love was not something that I least expected at that time.  And that made it so much more fun.

Having a delicious cake, say your most favorite kind, at the birthday party, where you already had an expectation that “cake would be served” is one thing, but getting a piece of that delicious cake when you least expect it?

Or think of getting a gift that you always wanted, always dreamed of.  Now, if you get it on your birthday, or some anniversary, it would certainly lift your spirits, perhaps to very high level.  But let us say that instead someone surprises you with that same gift at a time when you least expect it. I am sure your spirits would be at astronomical level – would it not 🙂 ?

PS: On an unrelated, but more important note, here is  hoping that snowball in Iran gathers speed and mass as it rolls, and the looney gets kicked out of office. There are of course bigger loonies there, but …