This creature below was born in the mad scientist’s lab late in the night a couple days ago. This was after an “intense” and “excruciating” labor (of mind of course).

It is a mutant alright, but may be you can still tell whose DNA was used as a basis for it?

Note: I may be presumptuous here, but I think the genealogy should be reasonably obvious at the start itself. The objective was to not completely obscure the origins, although it was definitely to consciously create a mutant (btw, if you cannot tell, this is a convenient excuse that I can always fall back on. Besides, I cannot play “the original” for squat on a guitar – real or synthetic! It seems so much easier to sing 🙂 ! ).

Oh, and a little heads up:  Be a little patient with it, it does try to perk up after a bit!

For those who care, other such creatures can be seen here. They are also accessible from the green My Share box on the right.