Saw a cool sight outside our house the other day and captured it live on my new camera, the Panasonic DMC-FZ28. This camera can also capture video in HD (although the one below is a low-res version).

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Not bad for a camera – eh 🙂 ? I am quite happy with it. It’s automatic setting for taking snapshots does a very good job indoors and outdoors – which is a huge improvement from my earlier Nikon pocket camera which was horrendous 100% of the time indoors. In addition, the DMC-FZ28 also allows full manual control if needed (have not played with that). One complaint is that for some strange reason, I am having blurred results with my close-ups more often than I expected. This in spite of holding the camera steady. But then perhaps I need to reduce my caffeine intake.

The video capabilities of DMC-FZ28 is quite impressive considering it is just a camera – the 18x optical zoom comes in quite handy with videos. So much so that I returned the Creative Vado I had bought (for just a toy). I think this camera beats the pants out of both Vado HD as well as Flip – I think much better picture, and way more control including an 18x optical zoom compared to say 2x or 4x. The audio of course is  unimpressive (like Vado and flip). It just picks up from the built-in mic – no external control. But after all it is still only a camera.

For “special moments” etc. I think using the camera to capture a 5 minute excerpt video, watching it and forgetting about it is much better than recording 30-40 minutes of home videos every now and then and them gathering cobwebs (it has been so for us). Anyway, that is my current thinking.

The camera is about $300 – but I had enough credit card points to get it for free. So no complaints here 🙂