Here is the solution to Carnatic Cryptic Crossword Puzzle #6:

Solution to Carnatic Cryptic Crossword #6

  • 1D – CHOWDIAH: The letters DOA (common abbreviation for Dead on arrival) and which, when rearranged (deeply disturbed) gives the answer which stands for a famous violin vidwan.
  • 2D – ENDARO (endarO): The answer which stands for the famouse tyAgarAja pancaratna krithi which praises all the great men (Sung a praise  for the good ones) is in the clue itself: an end around way.
  • 3D – O RANGASAYI (O rangaSAyi): The answer stands for the famouse tyAgarAja krithi in praise of Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam (recliner song) and can be obtained by taking the letters/words: O (circular), ga (gandhara), ri (rishabha), and nyasa and rearranging them (strangely).
  • 4D – CETAH SRI (cEtah SrI): The letters/words Chaste and ri (rishabham) when rearranged (required to produce) the answer, which stands for the dIkhistar song in dvijavanti.
    • Note: The spelling here is (I believe) the stricter sanskrit pronounciation based one. You can find instances of it if you google it as well.
  • 5A -NEDUNURI: The answer stands for Nedunuri Krishnamoorthy, the famous vidvan from Andhra Pradesh (the consummate artist, he) and can be rearranging (somehow) the word unruined.
  • 6D – BALAHAMSA: The answer stands for a raga, a (nowadays) rare janya of harikAmbhOji (rare offspring) and can be obtained when the words/letters A lamb has are rearranged (mixed).
  • 7A – NYASA (nyAsa): The answer stands for a swara that can be used to hover/stand/rest-upon in a melody in a raga (nyasa swara). The old name for the African country Malawi is Nyasaland.
  • 8A – JOG (jOg): The answer is the raga jOg, and of course the english word jog, can mean jog one’s memory (a memory aid).
  • 9A – HARIKAMBHOJI (harikAmbhOji): The answer, the raga harikAmbhOji, has in its name,  hari, which sounds like hurry and kAm, which sounds like calm.
  • 10D – SALLAPAM (sallApam): The answer is the raga sallApam – labelled a somewhat rare raga. It can be obtained by taking the letters/words Masala and LP (as in an LP record) and rearranging it (remix).
  • 11D – VIDVAN (vidvAn): The answer stands for a performer and can be obtained by taking the letter V along with a rearranged (shaped) form of the word divan.
  • 12A – PALLAVI (pallavi): When the word all is placed inside (to be in) the letters PA (abbreviation for Pennsylvania) and placed before the letters VI (the sixth), we get the answer pallavi, which stands for the opening stanza of a carnatic krithi/song (the beginning)
  • 13A – JHANTA (jhaNTa): The answer stands for a doubled swara phrase/pattern (double-up) and its phonology is similar to one of the pronunciations (British and/or American?) for the word junta which stands for a military rulers (e.g. a committee of generals who execute military rule).
    • I am told that the correct spelling should be jaNTa (i.e. without the h), but there are references to JHANTA on the web, and quite a few of you got the correct answer – So I am not the only one who thought it was ok as jhaNTA ;).
  • 14D – KORVAI (kOrvai): The answer stands for a swara/rhythm pattern and can be obtained by taking the letter R (the starting lettter of the word rainy-season) and placing it in the word Kovai (short of Coimbatore – the tamil word for it).
  • 15D – VIDYARANYA (vidyAraNya): The answer stands for the person who was really the very first (trailblazer) to formulate Carnatic ragas into melas. It can be obtained by a rearrangement (circuitous way) of the letters NY (New York) via Adyar.