Yet another mutant created this time with a combination of iPad using iSequence (almost all of the melody and background), and GarageBand (extra guitar sound, timbre adjustments, and sound effects).

(You can also download the audio file from here.)

Note: As before a good pair of headphones with good dynamic range and high volume may provide the best effect – no tinny PC speakers please!

This one is certainly a very “un-carnatic” adaptation of the scale of a certain raga. So the carnatic elements are I would say non-existent. But the keyboard part may remind some of a certain Ilayaraja Tamil Film song, which is way more faithful to raga. There are also other obvious “non-musical” (and certainly presumptuous 😉 ) clues to what the raga is.

The base beat is borrowed from a Blues style beat. Of course as it is couched in a very non-blues scale, it sounds perhaps strange and different. I was going a certain raw and edgy feel for the first half.

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