Suddenly found enough inspiration to complete a tune that was half-complete a while ago. It is a Jekyll and Hyde kind of a song, a breeze to a storm if you will – you will know what I mean once you listen to it ;-).

The scale of some raga is the inspiration to this tune like others in this category. Perhaps you can still see traces of that raga. The melody does adhere to the raga’s scale – but the raga flavor  does gets lost in translation.  This is somewhat intentional. I usually do have the raga in my mind when I start the process, but  later on just simply let the melody and orchestration take me wherever it leads. It would help if I could play proper carnatic music on an instrument – but I can’t! Anyway, I hope you like it.

Let me know if you can make out the scale for that raga.

PS: Oh and btw, this is the probably the song where I have actually played an instrument the most. I played the first solo, the strumming in the middle, and rhythm for the second solo (which was done by GarageBand).

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