In my About page, I mention that my current interests include dreaming about vacations in exotic places. This is one such dream. A dream vacation to my paradise – Bora Bora. I have no doubt that it will come true one of these days …

By now, I have a whole list of exotic places that I feel I must visit during my lifetime. But Bora Bora … Ah – Bora Bora! It was the very first entry on that list and it still remains at #1.

I think I first heard the name Bora Bora in some Cheers episode. The name sounded funny and it was used in the context of a standard sitcom joke. I remember thinking it must be an unimpressive place because the way they were talking about it in that joke. But later I realized, that I must not have gotten the import of the joke correctly, since as I soon saw some pictures of Bora Bora, it was like Whoa! I must go there!

I have it all planned out – this trip to my paradise. I know exactly how it will be.

(Warning: Lots of pretty pictures ahead – not sure how much time it would take to load on slower connections)