Upgraded my iMac to Mac OS Leopard yesterday.  Yes, really behind the curve, I know. I had no pressing need so far. Now, I got a good deal on the Mac Box Set with iLife 09 (mainly for GarageBand) and iWork 09.

The upgrade itself was smooth – popped in DVD, and let it do its thing and in about 1 hour it was done.  But … it cannot talk to my wireless router (Belkin Pre-N – a somewhat old router).  I tried fiddling around for an hour late into the night but no cigar.

I am now really ticked off!! This is because Tiger was able to connect to it, and have been using it with Tiger for like 3 years now.  I upgrade, and it doesn’t !$%$$@ work!  Have googled.  No answer – except the same old idiotic answers from mac-heads (to others having similar problems) which fall in the following pattern:

1. It obviously is a problem with the router.  (Yeah sure. And how come I had no problems with the Mac for 2-3 years. In case you dont realize, it never can be a problem with Apple for these folks)

2. You should have bought Airport extreme and you never would have had this problem (Yeah sure. Just avoid the main issue. It worked fine with Tiger. Besides, no one likes being forced to shell out money when they don’t expect to do so).

I point my fingers directly at Leopard – at Apple.  I cannot understand how it became incompatible between Tiger and Leopard. All I can think now is  Grrr…. ! No freaking excuses Apple! Fix your mess! XP to Vista may be like having a heart transplant, but I dont’ want going from Tiger to Leopard be like going to a dentist! Not when your ads (PC vs. Mac) indicate otherwise. Fix your $#@%! mess!

Anyway, unless I can figure this out, I may have to buy a router.  Not that bad really, but since this wasn’t part of the current plan, it really, really, ticks me off.  Like I said, I don’t like being forced to shell out money. It was working fine with Tiger!!


iPod touchThis does not happen to me often – but I am definitely drooling over the upcoming iPod touch.

I know it is expensive, and for the money there are competitive products which offer a lot more etc. I love electronic stuff, but I rarely splurge on them. I had zero interest of getting an iPhone as I cannot imagine having an expensive phone – I will probably leave it somewhere. I just am not yet programmed to think of my phone as a very precious thing that I have to be ultra careful about. I do take care of my RAZR, but if it is like an iPhone, I would be worried about its safety more often. That seems like more headache!

I do have an iPod – a Mini (4GB) but I did not pay for it. I got it free from a CitiBank deal – you open an account and do internet banking with atleast a certain number of bill payments for 12 months, and you get it. I got mine a few years ago and I still use it – its very useful although I can sense that the battery is getting weak.

But I want the iPod Touch and I want it now – preferably on the first day it is available.

Can I justify it based on economics? No. Need? No. Common sense? No. Will I use it regularly for video and photo (i.e. other than music)? Possible – but not entirely sure.

I want it because it looks freaking cool. And it has a browser! Ok – I will probably use it only within my house – so it is not that useful. So I guess I want it only because it looks freaking cool!

I need a weak moment to just dismiss all the “sane, rational” counter-arguments in my mind and “Just do it”!

But what about the Edirol R09?

Edirol R-09Before the iPod droolarama, I was eyeing Edirol R09 by Roland, an expensive portable digital music recorder for an entirely different reason (besides the iPod touch announcement had not happened yet).
The “internal resistance” for this is stiffer, because given the price vs. intended use I can justify it even less. I basically need the recorder only to record my music classes. I now use a used (yeah – I am cheap which is why this is all so unusual for me) Sony minidisc recorder and it does a very good job. The great thing about minidiscs which I am not able to find in any other media, is that you can arbitrarily split and rearrange tracks out of a single recording. You can do this on the device itself. You combine tracks, split them, delete them – whatever. You may ask – so? The reason why this is so important is that I can isolate specific parts of a song that I am learning and put it in “repeat” mode. I can let it play continuously and thus rehearse a larger portion or just isolate a small portion and repeat it until I get it. A superb feature for learning stuff.

However, the trouble with the minidisc is that it does not have much “portability” with other formats/media. First, in the device I have transferring to computer is “real time” – so 45 minutes to transfer 45 minutes of music 😦 ! Also, the track-marks exist only on the device. So I cannot backup a minidisc anywhere else digitally and still have track marks. In fact, I cannot even back it up to another minidisc without having another recorder. So a great, great feature “imprisoned” in the isolated world of minidisc. Thus, even though I love minidiscs, I am hesitant to buy a “new” model – which again is expensive. The way it is going I just have to keep buying more and more minidiscs. I want those track marks in my mp3/wav player – my iPod. I long for that day.

So, obviously, the Edirol R-09 does not have this, and it is freaking expensive. But I still drool as it does very good recording . Maybe I think I will use it to do fancy recording (like krishashok) – even though part of me says “Yeah right! At your level? Dream on!”

So what to do?
So what to do? My mind is restless going: iPod touch, Edirol R09; iPod touch, Edirol R09; iPod touch, Edirol R09…, now and then interspersed with a stern professor internal voice saying Come on? Are you kidding? It’s a fad, a waste!

What says you reader? Perhaps in ze inzerezt of peez of ze mind, we zust buy zem both? But, you know, we muzt zen voo ze financial controller firzt.

I love my iMac and I love my iPod. In general, I love Apple products but sometimes I wonder sarcastically That Steve Jobs guy thinks he is so smart, so cool that he has the audacity to decide what I don’t need?

No, I am not talking about lack of real keyboard on iPhone. I don’t really know if I would or not as I don’t have an iPhone, and will almost for sure not have one until it is offered for peanuts with my cellular plan. I am talking about my iMac.

I am a hard-core software engineer. I use Linux/Unix and PC regularly at work, and like certain aspects of both. But my iMac at home – I love! There is no question that the user interface experience on a Mac is truly unique and enjoyable. Every aspect of user interface speaks of style and elegance! Using Unix is like driving a simple, spartan looking car but one that is very powerful and very reliable like say German engineering but in a Yugo body. Using the PC is like driving a car which has some gaudy styling to attract masses, but has reliability problems. Many American cars in the last 20 years come to my mind. But using the Mac is like driving a luxury performance car. You got style, you got power and you look cool showing off to your friends. And its pricey with limited to zero discounts. You know – like a luxury car.

But I have a pet peeve about this luxury car.

There is no $%#@! manual eject button for the DVD drive on my pretty iMac!

(or at least I couldn’t find one. No pin hole either which is supposedly there in some models that I could find. If there is a manual thingamajig – it seems well hidden and not meant to be found.)

No $%#@! manual eject button and so the only way to eject a CD/DVD is from within software. Of course, the folks at Apple probably had full faith in their software. But I suspect that the bigger reason is that they thought the manual eject button would compromise the pretty, minimalistic looks of the iMac. May be the button would have made the side of the iMac look less pretty or may be it made it thicker by 2 lousy microns. As we all know, with Apple (slim) looks and (silky) feel is everything! And yes that magic of course mostly works! After all, I drooled over the iMac for a while and I bought one. But …

There is no $%#@! manual eject button for the DVD drive on my pretty iMac.

Big deal right? Well I would agree except …